Things I wish I had taught my son... A project of love


My son is off to college... And there are so many things I wish I had taught him. But time happened and I didn’t get to do it face to face. So I took the initiative to start sending him daily doses of my humble wisdom (collected pieces of found insight, practical advice, quotes and life lessons). I told a few friends about this fatherhood project of mine and they said... “Why don’t you send it to me? I have a son, too.” I agreed that I would do it and then thought about how that would become a full-time job... Sending the first email to one guy, the third email to another, the 30th email to another... Chaos! So I found this automating site at Now someone can sign up a month after the first subscribers did and receive his or her first email and consecutive emails on their schedule while others will receive their daily emails based on their subscription day. Long story short, if you want to receive this email, you are welcomed to subscribe. It is free. I hope you find it to be a valuable parenting resource. Within a few hours you’ll receive the first email I sent my son. Tomorrow, you’ll receive the second one... And so on. If at some point you feel compelled to send some feedback, do so. And if at some point, you don’t agree with my advice, I’ll respect your opinion. It is actually one of the lessons I have already sent to my son.

And one more thing... Because these emails are sent by a national server, you may need to tell your computer that these emails are not SPAM. My emails will be coming from

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Update... Things I wish I had taught my son... And still can is now a BOOK!

You can certainly read it for free on this blog and if you like what you read, consider getting the book version here.

Also... If you have written a book of your own and want to publish while retaining all your rights,
consider the same publishing company that I used.